Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Studio Bibliothèque facilitates experiments in making, writing, curating and publishing. It is the home-based working space of Singapore-born artist Michael Lee Hong Hwee. 

In 2007, while pretending to be an interested tenant for a unit at Wah Luen Industrial Centre in Fo Tan, Hong Kong, the artist Michael Lee fell in love with the space and decided to rent it and stay on. It became his first-ever physical studio space. In 2009, the artist moved the studio to Singapore till today.

The studio has the following programmes: 

About the founder
The studio was founded by artist Michael Lee. More info:

Email | studiobibliotheque@gmail.com
URL | www.studiobibliotheque.blogspot.com
Address | Blk 93 Henderson Road #12-234 Singapore 150093
Tel | (+65) 9684 3200, (+852) 9249 7199

The inception and ongoing development of Studio Bibliothèque would not have been possible without the ardent support of various institutions and individuals. They have taken huge leaps of faith, especially in one or more of the following actions:

  • Brainstorming
  • Collaboration
  • Contribution
  • Commission
  • Counselling
  • Donation
  • Loan
  • Networking 
  • Project development 
  • Purchase
  • Sponsorship

They are listed in alphabetical order and updated as memory, gratitude or guilt kick in:

  • Kelvin Ang
  • Asia Art Archive (Hong Kong)
  • Baba House (Singapore)
  • Peter Benz
  • Amytheust Chau Cheuk Ying
  • Heman Chong
  • Joselina Cruz
  • Drama Centre (Singapore)
  • Janet Chan
  • Randy Chan
  • Kelley Cheng
  • Cornelia Erdmann
  • Homan Ho
  • Richard Ho
  • Hong Kong Arts Development Council
  • Claire Hsu
  • Lee Chun Fung
  • Leung Chi Wo
  • Janice Lueng
  • Land Transport Authority (Singapore)
  • Brian Lee
  • Lee Kee Peng
  • Low Jat Leng
  • Ahmad Mashadi
  • National Arts Council, Singapore
  • National University of Singapore Museum
  • Ng Ka Chun
  • Terence Phua
  • Lindy Poh
  • Singapore Art Museum
  • Singapore Film Commission
  • Jerry Soo
  • Tang Guan Bee
  • Tang Kwok Hin
  • Tang Ling Nah
  • Alfred Teo
  • Jean Wee
  • Chantal Wong
  • Phoebe Wong
  • Yeung Yang

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ling nah said...

oh my gosh!!! I am so envious of your 'company' and most of all, your website!!! So jealous! so jealous!!! hahaha. Well done!!!