Saturday, 4 October 2008


Programme: Artist-in-Residence-with-Artis
Venue: Studio Bibliothèque, Hong Kong
Criteria: Prior or prospective friendship with artist Michael Lee Hong Hwee
Frequency: Ad-hoc
Provisions: Free accommodation, wireless internet & company
Obligations: None
Payment: None
How to Apply: Just contact me

The Artist-in-Residence-with-Artist programme of Studio Bibliothèque is aimed at co-fostering relational and artistic developments between the artist Michael Lee Hong Hwee and his artist-friends. So far, the programme has hosted the following:

2008 Oct 25-31: Terence Lin 
2008 Jul - Sep: Tang Kwok Hin (Read artist's reflections here.)
2008 Jul 16-28, Oct 20 - Nov 6: han
2008 Jun - Aug, Oct - Nov: Brendan Goh (Read artist's reflections here.)
2008 Jan: Chun Kai Feng
2007 Aug: Wan Jia Ling
2007 May: James Holdsworth
2007 May: Tang Ling Nah

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