Sunday, 10 February 2008


Artist's Statement
(as of 10 Feb 2008)

My art explores the relation between desire and space, particularly how human psychology may affect, reflect and engage with the environment. Within and across these two themes, I am interested in a broad range of issues, from outing to erotica and hardcore pornography, from identity formation to personal neurosis and relationships in relation to both natural and urban environments, and issues of architecture and urbanism. I adopt an inter-media approach, which involves the sequential or simultaneous use of drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, model-making, book-making, video, installation, performance, curating and writing. The turn, and return, from one issue or medium to another gives me necessary diversion and distanced contemplation so that I could do something different, bigger and more interesting each time whilst regarding each project or material from a fresh perspective. The solution to one puzzle often emerges as I work on another.

I value learning tremendously and have found collaborative and cross-disciplinary projects to help sharpen my learning curves. My three-pronged professional practice in art making, art writing and art curating nurtures and propels me towards continual learning, experimentation and spiritual growth.

My concern and approach allow me to experience art and life in diversity first, then in depth. Ultimately, what I value most in Art is not truth, beauty nor social engagement per se, but its capacity to embrace and further enrich the diversity in the world.

Michael Lee Hong Hwee

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