Sunday, 10 May 2009

Stud House

Architectural model
Compressed foam, paper & acrylic 
36 x 36 x 36cm

How do two persons live together without getting sick of each other? My solution in 2003 was to design a hypothetical house comprising two separate annexes, one for each member of the couplehood. Amidst the mutual exclusivity and privacy are spaces and moments of intrusions and connections - slit windows, the rooftop pool etc. - aimed at regulating desire. Appropriating the human figures of uber-macho men and the purist architectural forms of Corbusier, this work suggests a neurotic solution to an impossible/perennial search of self and relationship.

Stud House, 2003
Installation view

Detail view: ground level

Detail view: rope

Detail view: staircase

MAsturbation 2
Detail view: ladder

GH6 Gallery view
Gallery view: LEFT: Work by Chris Tan, BACK: Work by Charlie Tan


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