Saturday, 4 October 2008

ARTWORK: Will the real phoenix please

Title: Will the real phoenix please stand up?
Form: Wall relief
Medium: Art card & bristol board
Size: 200 cm (diameter)
Year: 2008
Exhibition: A Psychotaxonomy of Home
Dates: 4 Sep 2008 - 4 Feb 2009
Venue: Baba House, Singapore
Artist: Michael Lee Hong Hwee
Photo credit: han / yesterday was great, unless otherwise stated

This hemispherical collection of phoenix-inspired paper sculptures draws references from books as well as from contemporary visual culture. It pays homage to the human imagination, referencing both the symbolic representation and repetitive circulation of a favoured Peranakan motif. It further raises the issue of the repertoire of auspicious motifs. With the phoenix epitomised as the King of all Birds, would its application or usage be over-exhausted? And as a result, would its impact be less extensive? Would the absolute belief of its significance have surmounted these concerns and stood the test of time? Or can there be new ways of thinking about it and our relation with it?




NAC_sign 057
Photo credit: Michael Lee

NAC_sign 068
Photo credit: Tang Kwok Hin

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