Saturday, 4 October 2008

ARTWORK: Mail Order

Title: Mail Order: Gifts From Heaven
Form: Installation
Medium: Art card & bristol board
Size: Variable
Year: 2008
Exhibition: A Psychotaxonomy of Home
Dates: 4 Sep 2008 - 4 Feb 2009
Venue: Baba House, Singapore
Artist: Michael Lee Hong Hwee
Photo credit: han / yesterday was great, unless otherwise stated

The Qilin, or lion-dog, is a favoured symbol of serenity and prosperity. Commonly worked into carved wooden legs of decorative furniture or as headposts of doors, cabinets and wardrobes the Qilin endears itself with qualities of the faithful dog and the fearsome protectiveness of a lion. This wholesome brand quality has the potential to be exploited for the mail order consumerist culture of today. But be warned, its animal instincts resist taming!





3GZT060908 095
Photo credit: Claire Tan

3GZT060908 097
Photo credit: Claire Tan

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