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Data Entry (as of 24 Dec 2008)

Info on Telok Blangah

Period Category Name From To Brief Description Data Event When Remark
P Animal Fish O Singapore was at first a fishing village
P Animal Lion O was spotted by Utama
P Animal Merlion Tourist icon of Singapore O has a 2nd replica in Mount Faber 1998
P Animal Merlion is afraid of flying and was almost made to fly to Venice by artist Lim Tzay Chuen 2005
P Animal Tiger I was spotted by Utama, but advised that it was a Lion instead
P Animal Tiger O refers to Singapore, among 4 Asia Economic Tigers (the other 3 being Taiwan, Korea & Hong Kong)
Animal Bird Escaped Hornbill sighted in TB
Animal Great Hornbill sighted in TB, escaped from captivity
P Being Pontianak   Ghost I was spotted at Alkaff Mansion 2002
P Event Between, Beside, Beyond O 2007 1st solo exhibition of Daniel Libeskind in Asia
P Event Mutiny Indian soldiers (sepoys) mutinied against their British Officers in India. 1857 Activity: Protest
Event Lightning Strike at Signal Stataion and Flagstaff
Event Mail Flag Signal "For some years, I lived under this huge flag mast on Telok Blangah Hill. Every time the 19th-century mail ships arrived from Europe, special flags would be flown so that people in the city would know the mail had arrived."
Event Floods 1964
Event Fire
Event Ghost Sighting Alkaff Mansion
Event Tree falling 31 Oct 2008, a 20-m tall tree fell onto a black and white bungalow; family from Asutrailia escaped unscathed 2008
Event Migration of Pahang settlers to Telok Blangah Travel
Event Telok Blangah Resettlement heated argument landlords and TB's MP P Govindasamy 1972
Event Female Impersonation Michael Lee won top prize in beauty pagent during army
Event Female Impersonation Lee Dai Soh does it over the air
Event Paranormal help in tracking down Huang Na murder
Event Murder Huang Na
P Event Amazing Race 3 Mount Faber was pit-stop for Leg 10 2002 Media: TV
P Event Amazing Race Asia 2 Mount Faber was featured as a Route Marker for Leg 1 2007 Media: TV
Event Ho Ming Mao student of Gan Eng Seng Secondary School sleepwalked out of window 2008
Event Landscape Planning Edmund Waller: "From the point of view of landscape planning, I suggest that the most successful residential development conceived during the first decade of the HDB was the new town and tourist attraction at Telok Blangah…." (Landscape Planning inSingapore, 2001, NUS Press)
P Facility Cable Car O 7 killed when 2 cable-car cabins fell into the sea between Mt. Faber & Sentosa, 1983 Accident: Fatal
Idea Space Needle Original intentions but unrealised
Idea Hotel Original intentions but unrealised
P Material Clay the material of Indian cooking pot, which Telok Blangah looks like O
Material Soft soil may have cause tree to fall See Tree falling
P Object Crown O Utama the his crown off the boat during a storm to save the boat from capsizing 1299
Object Baju Kurung Telok Belanga costume whose origin was in Telok Blangah; created and worn in Johor during the reign of Temenggong Abu Bakar Sri Maharaja. 1862 Naming, Culture
Object $5 nnote features Tembusu tree found in Telok Blangah See Temneusu
Orgn Singapore Free Press published posting of Faber on 3 Oct 1844
Orgn Madras Engineer
Orgn Bata Shoe Factory A Czech MNC that is often mistaken for a homegrown brand. built on Telok Blangah Road 1964
Orgn Telok Blangah Toastmasters Club Originally Tiong Bahru Toastmasters Club (est. 1998) which was moved to Telok Blangah in 2002 Name, Relocation, Culture
Orgn Seamen Training Centre 1979 regional training school in Telok Blangah
Orgn Radin Mas English School formerly Engku Khalid's palace
Orgn UMNO setup branch at Radin Mas
Orgn Telok Blangah Children's Home
Orgn Telok Blangah Soka Centre Religion
Orgn Telok Blangah Estate Speed Dating
Orgn Telok Blangah Mosque Brick-faced walls and wide overhanging roofs characterize the mosque which responds to climate by adapting the traditional courtyard plan. The plan shape follows the parallelogram geometry of the site, clashing internally with the plan of the main space.
Orgn Telok Blangah Community Centre
Orgn Tsao Foundation - Hua Mei Seniors Clinic (Telok Blangah) Eldercare
P Person Abdul Rahman, Temmengong 1826 Governor of Singapore O was resettled by Sir Stamford Raffles to shift from Singapore River to Telok Blangah 1st urban resettlement
P Person Anonymous Chinese Man in 30s O stole taxi and crashed into a wall, Telok Blangah 2007 Crime: Theft & Suicide
P Person Brunner, Fraser O designed Merlion 1966
P Person Faber, Charles (Captain Charles Edward Faber) engineer Telok Blangah Hill was renamed Mount Faber after him, after he constructed the road and signal station up; Signal Station was removed from Blankan Mattie (Sentosa) 1945 See also Sentosa
P Person Huang, Na   Eight-year-old Chinese girl O was killed and found at Telok Blangah Hill Park 2007 Crime: Murder
N Person Lee, Hong-Hwee Michael 1972 Singapore-born artist I Commissioned artist for Telok Blangah Station 2010
P Person Lee, Kuan Yew 1st Prime Minister of Singapore O enjoys swimming Activity: Recreation
P Person Libeskind, Daniel 1946 American architect O in project in Singapore is in Telok Blangah (Reflections at Keppel Bay)
P Person Puteri Raden Mas Ayu 16th-century Javanese princess has a shrine at Mount Faber Road, near the junction with Telok Blangah Road
P Person Raffles, Sir Stamford 1781 1826 Modern founder of Singapore O Founded Singapore 1819 Founding: Modern
P Person Thomson, John Turnbull O made a painting from Pulau Brani entitled Telloh Blangah 1849 Art: History
P Person Utama, Sang Nila Prince of Palembang I   1299 Founding: Premodern
Person Randy Security guard I saw ghosts 2007 Paranormal Phenomenon
Person Ramlee, P. Filmmaker
Person Wang Dayuan 14th C trader who travelled through Southeast Asia noted natives and Chinese lived side-by-side; also noted that Dan-ma-xi babarians were pirates
Person Pirate Barabarians in Temasek, Utama was one also Usually let ships pass unmolested to the west, but plundered returning shps when they reached Karimun island.
Person Chow Yun Fat Hong Kong-born actor who played the role of pirate king of Singapore in the movie, Pirates of the Carribean; his wife is a Singaporean
Person Chow, Jasmine wife of Chow Yun Fat; business manager (met 1984, married 1986)
Person Sun, Yat Sen stayed on Golden Bell Mansion
Person Jeyaratname, Joshua Benjamin contested in 1980 General Elections in Telok Blangah but lost to Rohan Bin Kamis 1980
Person Rohan Bin Kamis won Jeyaratnam in 1980 Egenral Elections in Telok Blangah 1980
Person Lee, Dai Soh (originally Lee Fook Hung) 1913 Chinese storyteller born in Telok Blangah; joined RTM and hosted a Cantonese programme, Tam Tin Shuit Tei, which ran for more than 30 years.  He went on to host other Cantonese programmes telling folktales, ghost stories, swordfighting stories, detective stories and Chinese classics." Name
Person Tan, Boon Liat lived in Danish Seamen's Church in Telok Blangah
Person Orang Laut tribes at TB and Kallang River observed by Raffles See Raffles, Kallang
Person Wedding couples love to take photos at Telok Blangah Hill Park
Person Yeo, Vinson founder of founder of Tiong Bahru Toastmaster Club`1998
Person Tamiya Jap soldier during WW2
Person Yap Siong Eu related story about a Jap soldier Tamiya
Person Shree Lakshimi Narayanan Temple
Person Dube, Ram Swarath President of Shree Lakshimi Narayanan Temple became SG citizen in 1962
Person Choo Teck Hong` saw bombings in Telok Blangah, but scaped death
Person Abu Bakar bin Hj. Abdul Halim (Haji) malay rulers in 14th c
Person P Govindasamy had heated argument with landloards over TB resslement
Person Tang Mau Lee mid-wife runs mid-wife business at Telok Blangah
Person Tan Chwee Heng (Prof.) 1948 Stayed at Telok Blangah
Person Kamis, Rohan Member of Parliament, Telok Blangah won elections againist Jeyaratname
Person THUNG Syn Neo Recounted case of a boy who was destructive in a volunteer children's home but gradually improved in his behaviour after transferring to Telok Blangah Children's Home.
Person TOH, Chew Seng writer had a column and book titled 花葩山 (Mount Faber)
Person Chay Wai Chuen regular jogger at Mount Faber
Person Eugene Toh President, Society of the Paranormal Investigators; a relative of Hunag Na's mum scored Timag and Faber after a friend had vision that she was held on a hill.
Person Police dismissed paranormal clues to Hunag Na's body
Person Waller, Edmund writer of Landscape Planning in Singapore See landscape Planning
P Place Alkaff Mansion O "an elegant colonial bungalow built by an Arab trader and is previously a place for grand parties of the social elite. " See ghost sighting
P Place Blk 101 Depot Road Michael Lee stayed there Autobiography
P Place Blk 103-107, 110-112 Depot Road demolished Urban Redevelopment: Demolition
P Place Bukit Bendera Malay for Flag Hill  
P Place Bukit Merah Planning Area O
P Place Flagstaff a new Flagstaff wa erected on Telok Blangah Hill. A month later it was struck by lighning and destroyed 1851
P Place Jewel Box O houses the cable car station on Mount Faber to Sentosa
P Place Mount Faber Institution that explores Telok Blangah's past, present & future O
F Place Museum of Cooking Pots 2028 Mass Rapid Transit Station of the Circle Line I
P Place Observatory was built on Mount Faber 1905
P Place Observatory was built on Telok Blangah Hill 1905
P Place Palembang O was the place where Utama came from
F Place Reflection at Keppel Bay Private apartments O 2012 Architecture: 1st project designed by Daniel Libeskind in Singapore
P Place Signal Station The Free Press, a local newspaper commented “…stupidly narrow road to the top….two persons meeting can barely pass each other….so much of renown is bestowed up him.”
N Place Singapore O
P Place Sit Lat Mng Hokkien for Telok Blangah for 'Singapore Gate' or 'North West Gate' O
P Place Telok Blangah a district between Pasir Panjang and Tanjong Pagar in Singapore to the south-west of the Central Business District in the southern part of the island. It is part of the Bukit Merah Planning Area, O
P Place Telok Blangah Hill O was renamed Mount Faber 1945 Name: Renaming
P Place Telok Blangah Road officially named 1907 Name
P Place Telok Blangah Station 2010   O
P Place Urban Redevlopment Authority 1974 O
P Place World Trade Centre O
Place Hiap Guan San 1882 1970s Cemetery at Telok Blangah Hill was evacuated and removed to Choa Chu Kang 1882 Urban Legend
Place Simhapur (Vietnam's Lion City) 4th C 9th C a Lion Citadel in Tra Kieu, Quang Nam province in Vietnam;the first capital of the Champa from 4th- 9th centuries
Place Lion City Singapore's old name, Singapura Singapore was the 4th place for a Lion City, after central Vietnam, Kelantan and Java See also Simphapur, Chi Tu, Pajajaran
Place Chi Tu 7th C literally, Red Earth located near Kelantan See Redhill
Place Redhill
Place Raktamrtikka 5th C Sanskrit for Red Earth Sanskrit inscription found in Kedah (likely to refer to Chi Tu) See also Chi Tu, Redhill, Simphapur
Place Pajajaran 14th C next potential Singapura, aka "Singha-pura" Political marriage led to bloodshed; had syncretic mix of Hinduism and Buddhism See Redhill, Chi Tu, Syncretism, Hinusim, Buddhism
Place Temasek Old Malay for "city of the sea"; Singapore's name before Singapura
Place Sentosa offshore island aka Blankan Mattie Sinal station removed and installed on Mtelok Blangah Hill
Place Fort Faber linked to Charles Faber
Place Ellenborough Market linked to Charles Faber
Place Outram Prison linked to Charles Faber
Place Faber's Bridge by Chales Faber, known to be slipshod, "[Amongst] his peers, he, unfortunately, is known more for the few constructions which fell apart soon after they were built than for his engineering contructions that stood. He was highly criticised in the press for...the slip-shod construction of his unstable Faber's Bridge..."
Place Fort Canning Park Charles Faber built a Gothic Style North Gateway to eastern section of Government Hill Cementary (now Fort Canning Park) 1846
Place Golden Bell Mansion stayed by Sun Yat Sen and family during their travels here
Place Danish Seamen's Church once home to Tan Boon Liat, who has factory in Tiong Bahru named after him, grandchild of Tan Tock Seng
Place The Southern Rdiges
Place Marang Trail
Place Faber Walk
Place Henderson Waves
Place Hilltop Walk
Place Forest Walk
Place Alexandra Arch
Place Malay Girls' School first Malay vernecular girls' school 1884 First
Place Telok Blangah Hill Park Recapturing the pAst Splendour gathering place for trade communities since early 19th c, symbolised by Alkaff Mansion
Place Keng Seng Pri Sch Attended by Michael Lee
Place Keng Seng Pri merged with
Place Gan Eng Seng Pri Merged from KSPS, Alexandra Hill Pri, Bt Ho Swee Pri, Henderson Pri 2002
Place Gan Eng Seng Sec Attended by Michael Lee
Place Gan Eng Seng merchant founded Gan Eng Seng School 1885
Place Temmenggong Abu Bakar's palace converted in Malay College
Place Mount Faber Title of book and column by Toh Chew Seng
Place Bukit Merah Planning Area TB is part of this
Place North West Gate TB's Hokkien name: Sit Lat Mng
Place Pasir Panjang TB is between Pasir Panjang and Tanjong Pagar
Place Tanjong Pagar
Place Malayan Railway
Plant Cannonball trees
Plant Tree Ferns
Plant Tembusu Fagraea fragrans Symbol of state-civil relations; Like the tembusu, Prof Koh noted, the Government was deep-rooted, strong and protective, but that it also permitted other plants (that is, civil society) to flourish in its vicinity.
Plant Bougainvilleas
Plants Eugenia
Plants Alstonia
Plants Rain Trees
P Word Bendera Malay for flag
P Word Blangah Malay for cooking pot O
P Word Singa Malay for lion
P Word Telok Malay for bay O
Event Man found deadhalf an hour after stealing taxi in Telok Blangah, crashed the car into a wall….
Person Chinese Lady her spirit haunted Riandi for 7 years
Person Xue (Madam Xue)
Place Xieyuan Hill old name of TB Hill burial ground for Yang familu from Fujian province since 1882


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