Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Services: Writing, Editorial & Publishing

The publishing arm of Studio Bibliothèque engages debates on contempoary art and culture through the production, circulation and analysis of text. It does this with a three-pronged approach:

1. Text Contribution
Singapore Architect, 246

2. Editorial Contribution
Drawing Out Conversations: Eight Slangs (2008)
Send Me An Angel (2006)

3. Publication
Autobibliophiles: Artists Who Make or Use Books (2007)
Eniminiminimos: Artists Who Make Things Small (2008)
Hong Kong Anarchitecture Bananas: Artists Who Reclaim Space (2008)
Documents: The $100,000 gallery of art (2007)
Foundations: The Consolations of Museology (2008)
Preoccupations: Things Artists Do Anyway (2008)

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