Saturday, 4 October 2008

An Almost Natural History of Social Relations

Vinyl on wall
200 x 600 cm (approx.)

This mindmap is an attempt to consolidate myths, folklores, superstitions, symbolisms and colloquial slangs related to animals, plants, objects and deities familiar to many Chinese Peranakan households. Derived from both published sources and hearsay, this extensive and playful map encourages viewers to mull over, evaluate and extract truth from fiction. Just as importantly, it stirs viewers towards further speculation and imagination.

Michael Lee Hong Hwee
(with contribution by Brendan Goh for data visualisation)

Installation view, Photo credit: han

Detail, Photo credit: han

Gallery view (RIGHT: Mail order: Gifts from Heaven), Photo credit: han

3GZT060908 048
Detail with artist's back, Photo credit: Claire Tan

3GZT060908 040
Gallery view with artist pointing to specific parts of work to visitors, Photo credit: Claire Tan

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