Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Every architecture is a banana.

13 Feb 2008, Hong Kong

I'm in the process of making a new work, tentatively titled Every architecture is a banana.

It is made by partially cutting out images of key works from (mostly Western) architectural history as compiled in the book, The Story of Architecture from Antiquity to the Present, and then plunging them through slits created on the pages until they emerge from the centrespread. I intend to give this art form a name: book collage.

It is for a group exhibition I'm currently co-curating with artist Lee Chun Fung, entitled Hong Kong Anarchitecture Bananas, to be held at Artist Commune, 8 - 30 Mar 2008.

Images of work-in-progress follow:

Installation view


working table

Picture 343
Looks good when the buildings are in a bunch

Picture 354
oooh, knife... nice

Picture 347
detail (oblique view)

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